Jawaban :



1. I have eaten breakfast.

2. He has finished his work.

3. They have gone out for a walk.

4. We have cleaned the house.

5. You have made a delicious cake.

6. They have spent all day in the garden.

7. I have had a headache since this morning.

8. He hasn't eaten lunch yet.

9. I have never seen that movie before.

10. Have you ever been to Paris?

11. I think we've met before.

12. Have you finished your homework yet?

13. I have stopped eating out as much since I started cooking more at home.

14. We have decided to go on a trip next month.

15. The principal has announced that the school will present a play.

16. He has given me a gift.

17. She has made breakfast.

18. You have drunk all the milk.

19. I have worked at this company for ten years.

20. They have spoken to the teacher about the test.



Pertanyaan ini mengharuskan kita mengubah kata kerja dalam kurung menjadi bentuk Present Perfect di dalam kalimat. Present Perfect adalah bentuk tense yang digunakan untuk merujuk pada kejadian yang sudah selesai di waktu lampau dan masih berhubungan dengan waktu sekarang, terdiri dari "have/has" + "past participle". For instance, in the first sentence, the verb "eat" becomes "have eaten" in the Present Perfect tense. For the rest of the sentences, similar rules are followed: "finish" becomes "has finished," "go" becomes "have gone" and so on.

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