tolongg buatin dialogue bahasa inggris GIVING AND PERMISSION. dari situations dibawah !!


1. a lazy classmate asks for your permission to borrow yor workbook. you know that he will copy your homework. you do not give him permission. you say that you want to check the home work.


2. a friend you just know wants to borrow a big sum of money from you. you do not know him very well. you do not lend him your money. you say that you will use the money to pay for the school fee.




pleasssseeee bantu yaaaaaaaaaaa

Jawaban :

B:Hi too!
A:May i borrow your workbook?
B:Hmmm...I'am sorry.I'am can't because i was checking my homework.
A:ok no problem.
Situation 1:
Louis: hello, sweetie!
Me: oh, hello! Glad to see you, Lou!
Louis: um, can I ask you for permission? *smile*
Me: what kind of permission?
Louis: may I borrow your workbook now? *puppy face*
Me: oh, um, sorry, but I guess my answer is NO
Louis: but why?
Me: I'm checking my homework now, okay?
Louis: okay, no problem. Bye

Situation 2:
James: um, hello
Me: yes?
James: um, can you help me please?
Me: i'll try, what can I do?
James: would you lend me like, let me say, a big sum of money?
Me: well, I guess no
James: you can't help me?
Me: um, sorry, but i'll use my money for pay the school fee. Sorry I can't help
James: okay, no matter. Bye

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